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THE ALTERNATIVE® was designed to save countless lives and protect law enforcement in the line of duty.



Providing law enforcement an effective less-lethal option which results in optimal safety for the officer and preserves the life of an individual in crisis.

Alternative Ballistics Corporation (“ABC,” the “Company,” “we,” “our”) is a next generation less-lethal technology company organized in August 2020 that specializes in the production and distribution of a unique single-fire less-lethal impact munition, known as THE ALTERNATIVE® - to lethal force. Our product is currently available exclusively to the professional markets.

The Alternative® is a kinetic energy impact munition that is comprised of a lightweight specialized alloy projectile and plastic docking unit that is stored in a small holster on a duty belt, vest, or thigh holster. It attaches to an officer’s service weapon within seconds for a seamless deployment, and it uses bullet capture technology and kinetic energy to impact its intended target with less-lethal force.

Once The Alternative® is attached and fired by an officer, the bullet welds inside the projectile forming a new munition that is propelled downrange at approximately 20% the velocity of a standard bullet. Upon impact, The Alternative® is designed to incapacitate an individual while posing very little risk of death or critical injury, allowing the officer to safely affect an arrest.

The ALTERNATIVE® is accurate and effective at distances up to 40 feet, and once deployed, the officer’s service weapon instantly returns to lethal capacity as a new round is chambered for follow-up shots, if necessary, providing a broad range of protection for the officer at all times.

The Less Lethal Ammunition market was roughly $878 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 4.3%. | "Less Lethal Ammunition Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Weapon Type (Shotguns, Launchers), By End Use (Law Enforcement, Military), By Product, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2020 - 2027"


operations summary

The Alternative® Solution

Extensive R&D and multiple rounds of ballistics testing over the course of several years have resulted in the unique technology of THE ALTERNATIVE® an extremely efficient, accurate, and effective solution that can be deployed at longer ranges to preserve life and provide broad protection for its operators. It is the only technology in the market that converts a firearm into a less-lethal device, and the Company has implemented an aggressive domestic and international portfolio strategy to protect its intellectual property on a global scale. The Alternative® current units are compatible with the most used firearms in U.S. police departments, such as the Glock 17 and 19, CZ P-10, Smith & Wesson M&P, and Sig Sauer P229. The projectile is compatible with 9mm and .40 caliber ammunition. New docking unit molds are under development for the Sig Sauer P320, FN 509, Beretta APX and the Walther P99, and the molding can be designed at a significant cost to fit any firearm, if warranted by an appropriate level of demand.

THE ALTERNATIVE® will provide officers with a tool that is comparable to the commonly used 40mm less-lethal munitions rifle, however in contrast, THE ALTERNATIVE® is an effective solution that’s readily available on the officer’s duty belt, rather than a separate device that they must call in and wait for to arrive on the scene. By design, THE ALTERNATIVE® bridges this critical gap by eliminating the time it takes for back-up to arrive and transition to an external platform for deployment. THE ALTERNATIVE® can deploy less-lethal force within seconds (instead of minutes) and allows the officer to keep their firearm in hand, should the need arise for lethal force.

The U.S. target markets include Federal, State, and Local law enforcement agencies, of which there are over 18,000 agencies, which includes almost 700,000 full-time law enforcement officers combined.

FBI; US Bureau of Statistics


terms of the offering

The Stock offered hereby, the pricing, and the terms and conditions of the offering are to be found in link to the PPM above. This correspondence is not to be considered an offer to purchase or to sell securities pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and any investment decision must be based solely on the disclosure in the private placement agreement. The private placement agreement is confidential, and cannot be reproduced or distributed except to advising professionals of the prospective investor.

The United States Less Lethal Ammunition Market size was estimated at USD 193.36 million in 2021, USD 217.23 million in 2022, and is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.84% to reach USD 321.48 million by 2027.

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Management Team

The Company is managed by seasoned business and law enforcement professionals, who have held top executive, leadership, and operational positions, with proven track records of growing companies across multiple industries.

Steven Luna


Steven Luna

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Luna, CEO: Mr. Luna brings a wide range of business skills to the Alternative Ballistics team from his experience in various sectors of the legal and technology industries and through his time as VP of his own business consulting firm. He began his career in the legal industry working in the investigations division for one of the nation’s leading litigation support companies. In 2011, Mr. Luna transitioned from legal into the marketing tech sector as a regional account executive providing web dev and SEO services for key clients in Los Angeles and Orange County, which was his first exposure into the public markets. A few years later he became Senior Advisor of Investor Relations for a Las Vegas firm, and from there he launched a consultant group with two of his partners, where they focused on business development for private and public entities. His career expertise in the public markets allowed for Mr. Luna to assist over a dozen publicly traded companies on OTC and NASDAQ to create investor awareness and maintain or increase operational efficiencies. Mr. Luna has been instrumental in business execution, public and investor relations, product launch, effective go-to-market strategies, and realized revenue.

In the short time after joining the AB team last year, Mr. Luna has achieved several significant accomplishments, which include the successful reorganization of the company into the newly formed Alternative Ballistics Corp., the assembly of a dynamic team and strategy to fulfill The Alternative® mission, and the commencement of critical initiatives for further testing and terminal effects studies. Coming from a family of law enforcement, Mr. Luna has always held his support for law enforcement in high regard, and he intends to deliver the company’s technology, an expedient and effective less-lethal option designed with officer safety in mind, to law enforcement agencies across the country.

Jason LeBlanc


Jason LeBlanc

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. LeBlanc provides a broad range of professional acumen to the Alternative Ballistics team related to business development, operations, compliance, and consulting skills, which he has built through extensive experience in the legal, fintech, and finance industries. Mr. Leblanc was a senior division partner for the San Diego office of First Legal, a premier litigation support company working with some of the largest law firms in the world, with over 13 locations throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. At First Legal, he served as the Regional Director overseeing all aspects of the business from sales, development, to operations. He ran a team of over 30 employees and was responsible for San Diego region’s P&L, which ranked in the company’s top three performers out of all locations for profit margin and the lowest employee turnover rate in the company.

After his 10-year tenure at First Legal, he moved into an OTC fintech company, first as Director of Business Development and then as Chief Operations Officer, where he helped the company realize millions in revenue within his first year as a C-Level executive. From the Chief Operations position, he moved to Chief Compliance Officer, where he was instrumental in government relations activities, presenting to regulators and legislators in several states, including California, Washington, Nevada, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Mr. LeBlanc has successfully built sizeable, motivated teams to drive revenue and take multiple products to market across various sectors. In his role as Alternative Ballistics’ Chief Operations Officer, Mr. LeBlanc works on all aspects of the business, taking a holistic approach to developing strategic positions that enable the company to scale and play to the strengths of each team member, designing a roadmap for the company’s growth and success. He is focused on bringing The Alternative® to market in an efficient and responsible manner with critical initiatives that enhance the training program, testing, and liability/IP protection, in addition to developing marketing and government relations strategies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Vanessa Luna


Vanessa Luna

Chairman and Executive Vice President

Ms. Vanessa Luna is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in business development, operations, and organizational growth initiatives. Her work is a culmination of years of experience tackling the challenges of effective business strategy to reflect the envisioned future of an organization through multiple business phases from startup to exit. Working with dozens of public and privately held companies she founded the boutique firm to work in identifying, validating, and prioritizing value-creation opportunities with the result of achieving across-the-board advancement in business growth.

In her over 20 years of professional experience, Ms. Luna has held multiple C-Suite, Director and management-related positions where her experience and keen business acumen have been crucial in driving significant growth and profitability as well as the development and launch of initiatives focused on maximizing internal processes and procedures to create a more productive work environment. This experience includes executive and management roles within organizations such as on OTC, NASDAQ, Fortune 500, American Red Cross, and some of the nation’s leading service organizations in the private sector including legal, prepaid card, financial, construction, technology, real estate, high-risk and other service industries. Ms. Luna has played an integral part in the completion of multiple capital raises, debentures, IPO’s, reverse mergers, M&A, and exit strategy opportunities. She attributes much of her success to the recognition of new innovations and swift adaptability to successful changing business models. She sees the big picture and focuses on organizational infrastructure, team building, and efficient processes which result in maximum success efforts for every company she has contributed to.

Ms. Luna has been taking companies public, revamping organizations, bringing companies to profitability, and launching products and services for over two decades and still actively works for her company LCG which helps small-to-mid-cap companies across a diverse range of professional sectors. Ms. Luna also sits on various Advisory Committee Boards, and as an acting Chairman of the Board.

Rich Nagle


Rich Nagle

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Nagle joined the Alternative Ballistics Team in August 2021 as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Nagle is a highly skilled finance professional with extensive experience working in high-level positions with companies, such as Ernst & Young as a lead auditor, Barnes & Noble as Controller overseeing the Nook product launch and subsequent growth from a start up to over $1 billion in annual revenue, and DivX, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer, a software company that is known for pioneering the digital video experience.

Mr. Nagle brings financial expertise to the Alternative Ballistics team in strategic initiatives, SEC reporting, and operations & controls, which he has gained through “Big 4” public sector and private experience, including but not limited to manufacturing, innovative software and hardware distribution, and compliance industries. He has successfully built result oriented financial operations that have aided and supported companies through exponential revenue growth, while keeping best in class control environments.

In his role as Alternative Ballistics’ Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Nagle works on all strategic financial reporting and supporting control environment initiatives of the business to enable continued growth, fulfilling a critical role in the Company’s financial audit, and establishing financial and accounting best practices, which will be instrumental as we continue to pursue the anticipated growth of our Company.

Bert Rhine


Bert Rhine

Product & Marketing Director

Mr. Rhine brings unique abilities to the Alternative Ballistics team with expertise in three major areas: marketing, advertising and television production. As the former President and Creative Director of California Creative Enterprises, Inc., one of California’s largest privately held advertising agencies, he created, developed and implemented successful media campaigns for the agency’s major clients. During his seven-year tenure with California Creative, Mr. Rhine negotiated and placed over $500 million in ads over radio, television, outdoor and print on behalf of his clients, and he also has extensive experience with producing and directing a variety of programs for pay-per-view, network, and cable television audiences, in addition to television specials and commercials.

Mr. Rhine was the General Partner in Alternative Ballistics’ former Limited Partnership, prior to the Company’s merger and reorganization in 2020 with the newly formed Corporation. His previous position equipped him with valuable ‘tribal knowledge’ of the company’s intellectual property and technology, and in his current role as Product & Marketing Director, Mr. Rhine will implement and oversee all product initiatives, which include managing the direction and relationships with manufacturers and vendors, inventory control and distribution protocols. With regard to marketing objectives, he will continue to develop and produce the artistic and functional content for the company’s various marketing and public relations initiatives, social media campaigns, and training programs.

Law Enforcement Consultant Team

Alex Perez,


Alex Perez

Strategic Law Enforcement Consultant

Chief Perez (ret.), a 28-year veteran of the North Las Vegas Police Department, recently completed his honorable and decorated career serving as the city’s top law enforcement leader. Starting as a Patrol Officer in the early 90s, he steadily rose through the ranks to working as a Narcotics Investigator on an FBI Task Force and transitioning to a position with the Joint Terrorism Task Force shortly after 9/11. He continued earning promotions to Sergeant and Lieutenant before graduating from the FBI National Academy #245 in 2011. He became Assistant Chief shortly before settling into his executive leadership role in 2015, as the city’s first Latino Chief of Police, where his accomplishments were significant.

During his time as the city’s top cop, Chief Perez expanded the NLVPD force from 245 officers to 350 sworn officers and oversaw a team of over 150 civilian support staff. He was an innovative public official, who managed financial aspects of the department by securing and monitoring the use of budgetary monies and prepared requests to government agencies to obtain funds for special operations and equipment for the department.

Chief Perez’s success was defined by his ability to bring the community together through action and dialogue. He cultivated inclusiveness, equity, mutual trust, transparency, and respect within the department and with external stakeholders. One of his remarkable achievements was starting the Hispanic Citizen’s Academy to educate Spanish speaking citizens on how law enforcement works, which successfully bridged a stronger relationship between the community and the department.

Chief Perez is widely regarded as one of the most effective chiefs to serve the city of North Las Vegas, and he remains a member of various law enforcement associations, such as the Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Latino Peace Officers Association. He is a current board member of 10,000 Kids and Nevada Child Seekers, two non-profit organizations that focus on community initiatives in Nevada and around the country, which include assisting families and law enforcement in the location of missing children and putting an end to child trafficking.

In his role as Alternative Ballistics’ Strategic Law Enforcement Consultant, Chief Perez will leverage his deep experience as a police officer and public official to help articulate and lend credibility to the company’s mission. He will connect with federal, state, and local law enforcement leaders across the country to share his vision and support of The Alternative®, as an expedient less-lethal device that is accurate and effective in stopping threats at longer ranges and designed with officer safety in mind.


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